Targeted Results

The project main expected outputs and results are:

  • A thorough assessment of current models and best practices in coastal risk management decision making;
  • The integrated investigation  of end users’ and stakeholders’ views and needs;
  • A Knowledge Toolkit, containing good practices, case studies, literature and other information on different modules of coastal risk management;
  • Two Guidelines on the implementation of the procedure for the economic assessment of coastal prevention measures for natural and anthropogenic hazards;
  • Six Training seminars, for the capacity building of project key stakeholders;
  • Six Exercise Tests for the evaluation of the developed implementation modules by the national clusters of the project countries;
  • Consulting and Technical Support of interested parties via the operation of a Helpline Centre;
  • One transnational cooperation operating under a Cooperation Memorandum;
  • Broad stakeholders’ awareness raising via workshops, a series of informational materials and a Final Conference